Image of DIY Acrylic Customized Logo Necklace

DIY Acrylic Customized Logo Necklace


Send in your logo and you'll receive your very own customized necklace

Think of how proud you'll feel wearing a necklace branded by you.

3 1/2 inches long depending on how many letters are in the name of you business title, group,

Let the world know you're full of style with your name on a bold and bright necklace!
Custom Name Necklace

Color choices for letters:
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Light Purple, Black, White,
Mirror color group:
Mirror-Red, Mirror-Gold, Mirror-Blue, Mirror-Purple, Mirror- Pink, Mirror-brown, Mirror- Silver

Background colors that are available:
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Light Purple, Black, White

I love when someone hits me up for something custom made. You get to be the designer because you're the one custom designing it. I'm just the one who helps it all come together. Here's a couple of things I need to know, so it'll be easy and there's no miscommunication. Please make sure that you type in the name exactly how you want it spelled and seen. For example, with the name Cheryl, type Cheryl or CHERYL. Just copy and paste the list, but add your details. Since your necklace is custom made, it takes time to make. It's so worth it though, because you designed it, so you'll totally love it. Every custom made necklace or ring I've made for someone, they've loved it. I can have it done in 14 business days. Just keep communication with me. Keeping communication with me helps with your necklace. Please keep in contact in case I have to ask you any questions in regards to your order. I try my hardest to make things perfect for you and want to get everything right. Thanks for taking an interest. Hope to hear from you soon.

Message me with details upon buying with name being used on necklace, and color choices for the font and background.

Background color:
Font color:
Name or word you want to use:

After purchase I'll send you a an email asking for a detailed picture of your logo. Reply back with an attachment of your logo.

If you're interested in buying a custom made piece and you need it by a certain date, please let me know 2 weeks in advance.

(Note: I will not reproduce any pendants with the above logo as pictured. It's a business that is already established with rights. No copying or duplicating can be done of the logo for Royalty pink for this listing. Thank you.)